Turkey Deep-Fryer Safety

November 16, 2017

Turkey Deep-Fryer Safety

Thaw and dry the bird

Adding a partly frozen or wet bird to hot oil will cause spattering or spill, which could result in severe burns or a fire.


Don't Overfill the oil

Turkeys displace a lot of oil. Hot oil reacts like gasoline when it hits an open flame, so do not overfill the tank.


Take it Slow

Make sure the fryer is level. Slowly lower the turkey into oil. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby If there is a fire, don't use a garden hose because water spreads an oil fire. Use a Class B fire extinguisher to put it out.


Give yourself some room

Setting the fryer away from the home provides a measure of safety. Garages, covered patios, or decks are not safe locations for using your fryer.


Never leave the fryer unattended

Oil stays hot for a long time. Just because the heat source is off doesn't mean the danger is gone.Keep children and pets away from a fryer (even after cooking), as they can easily knock over the unit, causing burns or a fire.


Read the manufacturer's instructions

It might seem boring, but it could save your home.

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